The potential for this project was big before the Covid-19 crisis. The Silicon Valley-esque high concept pitch is., what do you get if you cross WhatsApp with Dungeons and Dragons?

Now the world is in lockdown and demand for the immersion, sheer escapism, cathartic embodiment and people-to-people connection that audiences describe when experiencing our collaborative stories is increasing dramatically.

Many people in isolation are finding the endless TV series on demand, online gaming and social network streams to be… boring. With SSN we have something different, something live and communal. SSN experiences are sustenance for the mind and soul – these are truly important and transcendent narratives that function beyond borders and distance.


I wouldn’t play D&D but I love this

I was totally into the group experience

It was just like being in a film

In the lockdown we have experienced a huge increase in audience members wanting to join and play the story experiences - plus many enquiries from organisations (Theatres and Universities) who want to partner and put on SSN stories (some are happening right now).

The act of playing SSN story experiences is a gesture of solidarity, and we are focused specifically on co-created experiences. Participants leave their ego’s and preconceptions at the door and enter ready to be part of something imaginative – bigger than themselves.

SSN covers themes as big as Life, Death, International Community, Covid-19 and Brexit – down to smaller personal journeys of self-discovery, genre stories and fun engaging tales that have universal appeal.

This is interactive entertainment with global potential -- but now there is the chance to make a real difference to people caught in isolation, giving them a sense of community, wellbeing and catharsis in these troubled times. Sharing real meaningful interactions with people thousands of miles apart, can make intense feelings of connection, closer than if you were sitting in the same room together.

In the contemporary world where devices and social media are considered to be dangerously addictive and ruinous to users intelligence, SSN experiences are 99% positive and bring people together in creative, thoughtful and meaningful ways.

In these story “events”, it doesn’t matter where you’re from, only how you contribute, you get out what you put in.

You are the story. And stories are better with friends…

Secret Story Network (SSN) is a series of live collaborative stories taking place on smartphones and tablets in a chat app. The handheld stories are role player games led by a story conductor in which the audience actively participate. (It's like Dungeons and Dragons but with many different genres and without the massive rule book.)

In fact, in Secret Story Network there are only 3 rules…

So - let’s work together to make a great story and experience for us all.

Do not be afraid for your characters, their story and anything they want to do. The experience will permanently end after an hour or two. Take risks. Have fun. Abandon your comfort zone.

Be tolerant of others views and experiences, but also be tolerant and accept that the play might take us into areas that are uncomfortable.

Are you ready to PLAY?

Do you want to run a Secret Story Experience?

We welcome new Story Conductors – if you want to know more – get in touch…

A good start is getting a copy of our SSN Playbook - get in touch...!